Take a look at me… I’m Yesterday’s Hero…

26 Feb

We’ve all met them… we’ve probably worked with one… hired one… hell… we may even be one ourselves. I’m talking about Yesterday’s Recruitment Heroes. In the space of a week I’ve interviewed one… I was faced with a client demanding one… and then I had an epiphany (love that word!), at a conference where we […]

If you could change just one thing about recruitment……

19 Feb

Hypotheticals are a wonderful thing. I often find myself tackling some of the big “what if” questions of life. I tend to reserve such intellectual stimulation for the more elaborate scenarios “If I had a super power what would it be” …….“If I found $10m what would I do first”……“If I was managing the England football team […]

Culture is not grown in a yoghurt vat…

12 Feb

Pretty stupid blog title right? But seriously, culture has become even more important than ever… Why? Simple really. We are finding that right now there are more strong candidates in the market, willing to move than there has been for the last few years. And when we ask these 2 questions: Why are you looking […]

How far do you roll out the red carpet for candidates?

5 Feb

It’s tough out there for companies looking to hire good people. In most industries, it is extremely competitive and a good candidate who is active in the market will probably find themselves with numerous offers. In fact, they can probably just sit back and wait to be head hunted. To a large extent, a good […]

You snooze… you lose…

29 Jan

In case you hadn’t noticed… very subtly over the past six months the market has slowly changed. Candidates seem to have more opportunities… clients who went missing are back… and new clients are appearing like flies at a barbie. (disclaimer… I am not for one moment suggesting that new clients are like a swarm of […]