You snooze… you lose…

29 Jan

In case you hadn’t noticed… very subtly over the past six months the market has slowly changed. Candidates seem to have more opportunities… clients who went missing are back… and new clients are appearing like flies at a barbie. (disclaimer… I am not for one moment suggesting that new clients are like a swarm of […]

For sale…the Australian Recruitment industry.

22 Jan

So 2015 kicked off with a bit of a bang. The Japanese came over with their Christmas money from Santa and went on a bit of a spending spree, snapping up a couple of our big players. At the same time another two big boys of the industry are about to shack up together. And we look […]

An Open Letter to those of you who read our blog!

18 Dec

Hey You! Thanks… thanks for taking the time out of your day every week to check out what we have to say. ‘Whoa there…’ I hear you say. ‘I don’t read every week… it was just that one time when you tagged One Direction and I was trying to find out if Zane had recovered […]

Recruitment Gone Bad…

11 Dec

We’re trying to create a sustainable, professional industry with integrity… and dare I say it… a little soul. Right? Most of us have both clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart. After all, it makes sense that if you understand your clients’ and candidates’ needs – and use your skill to match appropriately success will […]

LinkedIn Anonymity….so what?

4 Dec

I am tipping that this blog is not going to be very popular, especially around the recruitment community….. Every now and then my LinkedIn stream goes a bit nuts with people complaining that their profile has been viewed anonymously. One person puts up a post that they have been viewed anonymously and there is a […]