An Open Letter to those of you who read our blog!

18 Dec

Hey You! Thanks… thanks for taking the time out of your day every week to check out what we have to say. ‘Whoa there…’ I hear you say. ‘I don’t read every week… it was just that one time when you tagged One Direction and I was trying to find out if Zane had recovered […]

Recruitment Gone Bad…

11 Dec

We’re trying to create a sustainable, professional industry with integrity… and dare I say it… a little soul. Right? Most of us have both clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart. After all, it makes sense that if you understand your clients’ and candidates’ needs – and use your skill to match appropriately success will […]

LinkedIn Anonymity….so what?

4 Dec

I am tipping that this blog is not going to be very popular, especially around the recruitment community….. Every now and then my LinkedIn stream goes a bit nuts with people complaining that their profile has been viewed anonymously. One person puts up a post that they have been viewed anonymously and there is a […]

So this is Christmas…

27 Nov

I was at a Recruitment industry function last week. It was a Christmas networking nibbles and drinks kinda thing. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of that going on over the next month or so and it’s very easy to lose sight of what we are all being paid for. I hear conflicting stories every […]

Recruitment Dick-tators

20 Nov

When we set up our business earlier this year, we spent a long time working out what our fees were going to be. We wanted something that was simple, competitive and fair but also reflected the quality of what we do. And from the feedback, we seem to have got it pretty much right on […]