Recruitment Dick-tators

20 Nov

When we set up our business earlier this year, we spent a long time working out what our fees were going to be. We wanted something that was simple, competitive and fair but also reflected the quality of what we do. And from the feedback, we seem to have got it pretty much right on […]

Racism is alive & well in Recruitment… or is it?

13 Nov

I live on LinkedIn. I follow my clients on LinkedIn… I source many of my candidates from LinkedIn… and I track my competitors on LinkedIn… And you know what? Occasionally… in between all of those inane maths problems and those annoying motivational memes, my feed throws up a little gem of back & forth… of […]

Work life balance…you probably have it wrong.

6 Nov

We have all heard the phrase ‘work life balance’. But what does it actually mean? Most of us simply think of it as the time we don’t spend in the office versus the time we do. The more biased it is to one side of the ledger, the better or worse. But that is just a small […]

So a guy walks into an interview… with his mum.

30 Oct

You couldn’t make this stuff up! Well you could, but then it would be just a made up story… with no redeemable features… and no substance… kinda like Oscar Pistorius’ little tale. Let me frame it for you. Recently there has been a shift in mindset with some of our clients. They are looking to […]

Recruiters…give thanks to the crazy, weird and odd…

23 Oct

After writing a blog a week for the last couple of years, you might have thought that by now we would have run out of recruitment stuff to talk about. It often feels like that. But, just when you think that you have exhausted every topic, the wonderful world of recruitment has an uncanny knack of […]