Own the Talent… own the Market…

2 Jul

It’s a simple equation. If you have more quality talent working with you than your competitors, you will be a more successful recruiter… Too few recruiters focus on building relationships with top talent. I’m serious… think about your day to day activity… what percentage revolves around client development and what percentage do you dedicate to […]

ESIC – what you need to know and can’t ignore.

25 Jun

  Talk of regulation in the recruitment industry is never far away. Until now, that has taken the form of an industry code of conduct managed by the RCSA. It was probably never intended as anything more than what it is – a voluntary, broad set of guidelines to follow– and as such it has […]

Everybody Wants to Rule the World…

18 Jun

And believe me, it’s just as true today as it was back in 1985 when the good folk from Tears for Fears smashed out that massive hit! It’s that time of year Down Under when recruitment businesses are rolling out their plans for the next Financial Year. They have been in strategy meetings, setting goals […]

Is your job de-skilling you?

11 Jun

We hear a lot about how recruitment is changing…. I’ve written (far too) many blogs on the topic discussing everything from the importance of social media through to why wearing ties is out of date. Some people take an opposite view and think that recruitment has not actually changed that much at all…. apart from […]

The very best… most amazing blog… ever.

4 Jun

Superlatives. Maybe they should be called Superlaxatives, because there’s a whole lot of sh&t out there! Let me take a step back. We have become a sensationalist society. With so many avenues to be heard, we all shout louder and more aggressively than those next to us just to break through the noise… I’m guilty […]