2 things… Do them… Do them Now!

Down here in this part of freezing Australia 2 things happen this time of year. We finally pass the winter solstice. Days will become longer and we can kid ourselves that they will become warmer too… ahem… that’s not an invitation for our Queensland friends to bang on about their year round beach weather… or … Continue reading “2 things… Do them… Do them Now!”

“There is no place for ethics in recruitment”

According to a prospective client that I met this week, there is no place in his business for someone who puts ethics high on their list of importance, and any agency that says the opposite are either liars or on the fast track to going bust. Took me a little while to digest this. It … Continue reading ““There is no place for ethics in recruitment””

5 things Recruiters must stop doing… now.

We’re an oft maligned bunch right… usually unfairly. I mean the stuff people say about us – mainly by job seekers – is inaccurate, insulting and sometimes bordering on defamatory. We are not the hideous monsters they make us out to be… the blood-sucking leeches who would sacrifice their grandmother for a placement. That’s not … Continue reading “5 things Recruiters must stop doing… now.”

Recruiters – why do what you do?

The standard answer to the question “How did you get in to recruitment?” is something along the lines of “I fell into it”. For some, that experience doesn’t last very long. But why do those of us that stick around, stick around? At the end of the day it’s not the easiest gig in the … Continue reading “Recruiters – why do what you do?”

Success begins with an ‘I’

Not such a catchy title right? But this is one of the most important bloody blogs I’m likely to write this year… Ask yourself a question… When was the last time you truly innovated at work? We all crave for that point of difference to take to the market, but what is yours? Please don’t … Continue reading “Success begins with an ‘I’”

Recruiters – don’t crack the sads when it goes wrong.

People eh…they can be very frustrating… especially when they don’t do what you expect or want. And  for recruiters, that can be a nightmare. If you haven’t had someone ‘no show’ for an interview, turn down an offer, accept a counter offer or something similar then you probably haven’t been in recruitment long enough to legitimately call … Continue reading “Recruiters – don’t crack the sads when it goes wrong.”

Polishing the Turd…

One of the biggest mistakes recruiters make is trying to polish the turd. I agonised with whether or not I should use the word turd in the title of a professional blog post. It conjures images of… well… turds. And turds aren’t professional right? But as you can see, I managed to get over my … Continue reading “Polishing the Turd…”

What Makes a Good Recruiter?

Valid question right? Good Recruiters… really good recruiters are a rare specimen indeed. They possess a unique skill set that differentiates them from others in the industry… and makes them more valuable than Valerian Steel… So what are the traits and skills that define a Good Recruiter? Read on… Consistent Billings – Yes it’s important… … Continue reading “What Makes a Good Recruiter?”

So, you think your role is ‘exclusive’.

If there is one word that is overused in recruitment, apart from ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘hot’ it is exclusivity. If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone advertise a role that is ‘exclusive’ I would be a millionaire…..and if I added a dollar for every role that was ‘hot’ I’d be a trillionaire! … Continue reading “So, you think your role is ‘exclusive’.”