Recruitment & The Game of Thrones…

23 Apr

I know what you’re thinking… Come on Craig… You’re better than that… trying to trade off the most popular TV show on the globe to boost your readership… Well you are right… and wrong. Yes… I am trying to trade off the most popular TV show on the globe to boost readership… but no… I […]

How much should a recruiter be paid?

16 Apr

Around this time of the year, clients ask us for help with salary reviews. They want to know if they are paying their staff too much, or not enough and how they compare with the rest of the market. We have similar conversations with recruiters who want to know if they are on a good […]

The only way is up… baby.

26 Mar

I don’t usually write posts like this. I mostly leave them to people who are much more clevererest than I am… but I keep spouting on about being an expert… providing your clients and candidates with real value… owning your space. I do it all the time. So maybe… just maybe I should provide you […]

5 tips to not screw up your recruitment process

19 Mar

When did it become a good idea to have lots and lots of stages during a recruitment process? Was it around the same time that it got harder and harder to find and hire talent? That makes sense! When I was starting out in recruitment I was trained on the importance of speaking to the […]

How to land a Purple Squirrel Recruiter…

12 Mar

There’s been a real shift in the recruitment landscape over the past few months. The ‘purple squirrel’ recruiter… you know… the one that has experience, commercial acumen, deep networks, stable background and a strong billing history… as well as one head, emotional intelligence and nice to boot is not extinct. In fact, this group (and […]