Candidates… or Clients… who’s more important?

8 Oct

I posed this question on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago, and sat back like a disinterested vegan at a butcher’s barbecue to watch the ensuing fallout go on… and on… and on. At the time of this post being published there has been 26 likes, 28,889 views… but most importantly 106 comments. That’s right… […]

“But why….?”

1 Oct

  I was watching the footy with my nephew recently. He’s just getting into footy and being the inquisitive little man he is, I was asked a barrage of “But why ….?” questions. Most things I could explain simply enough, but with some questions I found myself saying “Don’t know champ – just because!”. “Well […]

I woke up screaming this morning…

24 Sep

Seriously, I woke up screaming this morning… and then I had to apologise to everyone in the staff meeting… Have we all gone completely, stark raving mad in the recruitment industry? We have Sales meetings on a Monday morning, One-on-Ones on a Tuesday, a mid-week meeting on Wednesday to review the Sales meeting and the […]

Shaking the Magic Recruitment 8 Ball

17 Sep

I’ve banged on before about making sure you drill down on clients & candidates. Knowledge is power and I truly believe that the single, biggest difference between recruiters… and great recruiters is their ability… no courage… to ask the tough questions. There is a stage in all recruitment processes where you have to ask the […]

When dollars don’t make sense….

10 Sep

Something is happening with recruitment salaries….they are all over the place. There will always be some discrepancy between what competing agencies will pay their recruiters, but at the moment it is hard to get an accurate picture of what is standard. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be much of a standard at all these […]