Does being a recruiter change you?

27 Aug

  I’ve always considered myself a happy-go-lucky type kind of guy. I have a pretty positive outlook on life, tend to roll with the punches and generally think that, regardless of what the TV says,  the world is an ok place, apart from a few knobs. So when the following happened I had to take a […]

Recruitment Bad Boys… & Girls…

20 Aug

You’re hardly likely to see me on a Friday afternoon at the Mitre Tavern… mumbling across the bar towards one of my competitors… say… Pete Watson… (no relation and all around good bloke), something like. ‘Luke banged your missus… sorry to have to tell you.’ No… you’re hardly likely to see me do that. For […]

There’s only ever two reasons to move on…..

13 Aug

There are only ever two reasons to move on from a job. One. You need to. Two. You want to. Understanding which one of these camps your candidate sits in is the difference between whether they are looking for ‘a job’ or ‘an opportunity’. And that knowledge is key to being successful as a recruiter. […]

1985 called… and they want their KPI’s back.

6 Aug

The candidate market in recruitment is tighter than a hipster’s jeans right now… Recruitment Agencies are crying out for the best staff and some (the clever ones) are putting together creative packages to attract the top talent. The smart agencies have also locked their top performers in… with attractive commission structures, career plans, professional development […]

The One Recruitment Skill… to rule them all…

30 Jul

Bit of a furphy really and I must apologise… Turns out there isn’t one skill to rule them all… A little over a week ago I posed that question directly to my LinkedIn network. To my amazement (ordinarily I’m lucky to get a couple of random likes and a comment from my dear Aunty Dorothy… […]