Party animals….apply here !

11 Feb

  Being someone who specialises in ‘recruiting recruiters’ (that phrase still brings a mixture of confused and curious looks from people) the majority of folk I speak to are, funnily enough, recruiters. Every now and then an ‘outsider’ contacts me wanting to get some advice about getting into recruitment….”I’ve got a few mates that work in […]

No Dickheads Policy…

4 Feb

A few weeks back we all returned from our Summer Holidays… apologies to our Northern Hemisphere brethren… There were the standard… How was your break?… Did you get to the Beach?… I couldn’t bear spending another second with my family, thank God Christmas comes only once a year blah… blah… blah… comments floating around the […]

Recruitment jobs – as disposable as dirty nappies.

28 Jan

  Career: an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Job: a paid position of regular employment. A lot of recruiters I meet talk about being ‘career recruiters’. However, what I often see is people with a series of jobs strung together over a number of years, often […]

Stick your SPAM where the sun don’t shine…

21 Jan

Seriously, when will Recruiters learn? The only good Spam is in aisle 8 at the local Woolworths… and even that requires half a bottle of vodka, a good slab of brie, a jar of pickled onions and a box of savoys… just to be palatable! I hate Spam! It’s lazy… it’s impersonal… and it’s effing […]

Recruiters…don’t be a lemming

14 Jan

A bunch of professional sportsmen in this country just learnt a very harsh lesson. By blindly following their manager and doing everything he said without question, they have been banned from their sport for 12 months. All of them played for Essendon Football Club (that’s Aussie Rules to any of our non Australian friends), who […]