Am I being controversial…..

23 Jul

It has been suggested to me recently, by someone who I don’t know that well, that I am controversial. I am aware that I am a lot of things, but didn’t think that being controversial was one of them. I associated that label for those semi-famous, B-list celebrities who will say and do anything to […]

Man Flu & other first world problems…

16 Jul

Sorry the post is a little late this week… but… I’m sick. I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks now and it is pi$$ing me off! I can’t get to sleep at night, because of this annoying ticklish cough, so I wake up tired, grumpy and feeling… well… sicker! Jen at our office is also […]

No recruiter should put up with…..

9 Jul

When I started out in recruitment, agencies were essentially carbon copies of each other. Some small differences aside, they mostly offered the same service to clients. …and  little difference in what they offered their employees. You could throw a beige blanket of ‘sameness’ over them all. Things are different nowadays. The wonderful world of recruitment […]

Own the Talent… own the Market…

2 Jul

It’s a simple equation. If you have more quality talent working with you than your competitors, you will be a more successful recruiter… Too few recruiters focus on building relationships with top talent. I’m serious… think about your day to day activity… what percentage revolves around client development and what percentage do you dedicate to […]

ESIC – what you need to know and can’t ignore.

25 Jun

  Talk of regulation in the recruitment industry is never far away. Until now, that has taken the form of an industry code of conduct managed by the RCSA. It was probably never intended as anything more than what it is – a voluntary, broad set of guidelines to follow– and as such it has […]