Fake it until you make it

28 May

“Fake it until you make it”  is one of those phrases thrown around the recruitment industry, often accompanied with a little grin and salesman’s wink – a bit of an in-joke. It describes those recruiters who have little experience or knowledge of the area they are recruiting in, but (think they) are ‘smart’ enough to […]

Here’s 5 reasons why I won’t represent you…

21 May

The recruitment industry is much maligned… sometimes deservedly so, but sometimes we’re as misunderstood as the Terminator… (in all movies after the original that is)… oh… and I’m not for a moment suggesting there are any similarities between the Terminator and the recruitment industry… Candidates don’t like – or trust – most of us. They […]

Be honest. He’s just not that into you.

14 May

  The end game for any recruiter is to get your client to make your candidate an offer, and to get them to accept. If you can manage the process well enough, and have ticked all the boxes along the way, this should be the easy bit. Everyone should be super happy and your candidate should […]

Recruiters… how do you get better?

7 May

I was sitting on a beach in glorious sunshine in Phuket this time 2 days ago… Absolutely no relevance to today’s post… I just wanted to brag. Hi ho back to reality… So I’ve been thinking… while I was sitting on a beach in glorious sunshine in Phuket… how do you make recruiters better? Simple […]

It’s exactly the same recruitment job…but very different.

30 Apr

  I was called by two recruitment agencies this week that wanted my help finding a recruiter. I haven’t worked with either agency before, and I didn’t really know much about them before they called. But very quickly I had a pretty good take on what both agencies were about….. The opportunities were very similar […]