Is your Boss a Psycho?

According to a recent study… (I know it’s very rare that I start a post with ‘According to a recent study…’ Kind of makes me feel smart… well less stupid anyway). Anyway… according to a recent study by Bond University & University of San Diego 21% of Bosses exhibit psychopathic tendencies… as opposed to 1% … Continue reading “Is your Boss a Psycho?”

Partnership…or partnershit?

As those of you that regularly tune in to this blog will know, one of my biggest gripes with the recruitment industry is the over use of certain buzz words and phrases. You see them commonly appearing in job adverts and on LinkedIn updates, often churned out by unimaginative recruiters who have just picked up the … Continue reading “Partnership…or partnershit?”

Recruiters are not Mind Readers…

I read a LinkedIn article last week that really p*ssed me off. Yes it was another recruiter bashing post… yes it was a poor me candidate rant… and yes it garnered the expected support from job seekers who have had a similar poor experience from the recruitment fraternity… but… it was an absolutely stupid argument. … Continue reading “Recruiters are not Mind Readers…”

So, you think you are ambitious….

  Ambition is a good thing…some would argue it’s practically an essential part of being a successful recruiter. After all, there are easier ways to pay the mortgage, so if you are not interested in the future rewards why put up with the many challenges that comes with this job? So I love to see … Continue reading “So, you think you are ambitious….”

social experiment… prank… or just mean?

Earlier this week I did something terrible. I decided to create a fake cv… from a fake candidate and post it on LinkedIn to see what reaction it would get. I call it a social experiment… I’m sure some of the people who wrote provocative comments and privately messaged me with their thoughts might feel … Continue reading “social experiment… prank… or just mean?”

Recruitment – WTF !

Recruitment can be a stressful job. There are lots of opportunities to get frustrated, disappointed and sometimes angry….even the most mild mannered of recruiters will have found themselves a little hot under the collar now and then. I’ve read lots of blogs, and probably written a few about the best way to deal with these situations and … Continue reading “Recruitment – WTF !”

Taking a break….

The Written Reference is taking a break this week… is our annual conference ….and when I say annual conference I really mean an excuse for us to get down to the beach for the night, celebrate some good results with a few beverages …and claim it all on tax because we will probably talk about work … Continue reading “Taking a break….”

Stressed? Thought so…

Did you know that the recruitment industry is the most stressful industry in the world? That’s right… more stressful than teaching… police work… dairy farming… ambulance driving… hell, it’s even more stressful than the military. I can picture you now… some nodding in agreement… others shaking their heads in disbelief. But I can categorically confirm … Continue reading “Stressed? Thought so…”

Is the need for experience over-rated in recruitment?

I get that the majority of recruitment agencies want experience when they hire a consultant. If I were looking for someone for my business I would ideally want someone with years of experience in my sector and a ready made network of contacts – plug in an go. Lovely jubbly. Lovely jubbly it may be… but there … Continue reading “Is the need for experience over-rated in recruitment?”

Lost your mojo? You’re not alone…

It happens to all of us… and it’s bloody scary. First it’s a little set back… a candidate backs out after accepting a role… or a client calls to tell you they’ve offered to someone else’s candidate… nothing BIG… nothing earth shattering. And then it happens again… you buckle down and remind yourself of the … Continue reading “Lost your mojo? You’re not alone…”